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We trade ranges that mean we need big volatility to gain profits. If we have a sideway movement than we have daily losses. Don’t be afraid, we just have a winning ration of about 60%. Other may have 90% but are several days in big loss and if they have luck the market move back to entry so they can gain some profits. But if the market moves in the other direction the open trades will blow your account. I like to know how much money I have after a trading day. Intraday range trading means we’re looking for breakouts. Our Entries based on our daily analysis, fundamental news and are confirmed by Trading Centrals technical targets. We open 2 trades per range/breakout trade. 2 trades because from time to time we have big moves and close just one of them. The other is a swing trade and run until this stops out. We are trading E/U, E/J, G/U and G/J. But only 6 open trades, not pending orders! The monthly target is around 550 to 1200 pips. Maximum daily drawdown is ~ 200 pips. Our Risk Reward Ratio is 1:2 minimum! That means a standard SL of 20-25 pips and TP of 40-50 pips. After ~30 pips I adjust the SL to Entry and let them run. Use 1% of your balance for each trade. One of the most important information you need to know. Please subscribe only to the end of the month or in the beginning of the month. It is necessary to subscribe until NFP, interest rate for EUR and GBP or FOMC Meeting Minutes, this events give us the most volatility in the month.

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